We get it  – balancing academics with exam preparation can be challenging. afdindia,  offers flexible courses (Crash, Regular, Foundation) on weekdays & weekends. We prepare you for the NIFT, NID, NATA, JEE2, UCEED & CEED entrance exams. For more than 25 years, we've honed our design and architecture coaching programs. Our expert faculty has meticulously dissected past papers, curated mock tests & developed targeted study materials. With frequent doubt-clearing sessions, we guide you toward triumph in India's prestigious creative schools.

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NIFT NID weekend coaching classes in kochi Design Weekend

1 year | NID- BDes /MDes | NIFT | CEED

 12th & PG students 

Test preparation classes for NIFT, NID & other design college entrance tests for school goers 12th grade & PG students. Trainers will put you through rigorous training on sketching, creative writing, story-telling, general aptitude. You will have class-room sessions for sketching & creative thinking recorded classes for aptitude section.

Fees: ₹59,500+GST
Batch: May 4th
2nd Saturday & all Sundays

NIFT NID entrance exam coaching classes for 12th students at kochi Design Regular

1 year | 12th, drop year & PG students | 

NID- BDes /MDes | NIFT 

Complete entrance coaching of NIFT/NID entrance exams in Cochin, Kerala. Learn to draw, ideate, develop a creative mind set, enhance eye-for-details, observation skills. Tutors evaluate your work each day, you will be introduced to 100+ class activities. Monitor your progress with monthly reports.

Fees: ₹79,500+GST
Batch: May 7th
Daily classes

NIFT NID entrance exam coaching classes for 9th, 10th, 11th students in Kochi

Design Advanced 

2 year | 9th, 10th & 11th grade & PG students

The 1st year of study will focus on developing your sketching ability, observation skills, eye for details & storytelling ability. Next year, you will be put through all other aspects of the design entrance exam like  visualisation, aptitude and past papers. 

An excellent program for those who know early, that they have their creative juices flowing.

Fees: ₹84,500+GST
Batch: May 4th
Sundays & 2nd Saturdays

NATA BArch entrance exam Crash course for 11 and 12 students in kochi

Architecture Synopsis

3 months | BArch, NATA, KEAM | 11th & 12th Students 

This is the quick brush up for NATA, qualifying admission test for architecture programs. You learn spatial reasoning, 3D-composition, architectural terminologies, GK of Architecture/Design & solve several past question papers. 5 mock tests will be conducted as part of this course.

Fees: ₹15,000+GST
Batch: April 16th

NATA Barch entrance exam preparation weekend course in kochi

Architecture - Weekend

1 year | BArch, KEAM, NATA & JEE2 | 11th & 12th Students

Coaching classes in Ernakulam/Kochi centre for NATA & JEE2 exam. Tutors will mentor you on visual reasoning, logical problems, lateral thinking, architecture aptitude, GK section & mock tests. Solve past question papers with afdindia faculty. 

Fees: ₹29,000+GST
Batch: May 4th
Sundays & 2nd Saturdays

Architecture NATA 2025 entrance exam course

Architecture Regular

1 year | 12th & drop year students

A comprehensive guide for NATA, qualifying admission test for architecture programs in Kochi, Kerala. You learn spatial reasoning, 3D-composition, architectural terminolgies, GK of Architecture/Design & solve several past question papers. 10 mock tests will be conducted as part of this course.

Fees: ₹42,000+GST
Batch: May 7th
Daily classes

NIFT NID 1 year weekend coaching classes in kochi Design Foundation

1 year | 9th, 10th, 11th & pg students

Sketching, imagination, storytelling & fundamentals of design, are taught in this program. Students will know if they have the aptitude & skills required for creative careers.

 Fees: ₹38,900+GST
Batch: May 4th
Sundays & 2nd Saturdays

NIFT NID 2024 entrance exam revision crash course

Design Summer

Short term | 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th year students

It's a quick brush up & revision coaching for NIFT/NID exams. afdindia institute provide you, guidance classes for drawing, ideation, colour concepts, solve past question papers & do mock tests.

Fees: ₹25,000+GST
Batch: April 16th - May 16th  

NIFT Situation Test preparation classes in kochi

NIFT Situation Test

10 days | NIFT - BDes | 2nd Phase

Tutors teach you techniques on material handling (30 + materials), construct 3D models, aesthetics in design & creative writing. Our mentors brainstorm with you to prepare write-up for 10-15 products constructed in class. You will do 10 home assignments, 2 mock situation tests, our academicians will review & provide feedback.

NID DAT Mains preparation classes for MDes students in Kochi


10 days | NID - MDes

Its for the 2nd phase of PG admission tests NID. Our classes are discipline specific; you will be given past test papers & mock tests of each stream of design you have been shortlisted for. Your portfolio will be reviewed, have  access to over 100 interview questions & mock interviews.

NIFT Situation test NID Studio Test Preparation in kochi Studio/Situation Test

10 days | NIFT, NID, MIT & UID - BDes

This program is for 2nd round of entrance tests conducted by NIFT/NID, IITs & all other design colleges. We train you to work with over 40 different materials & how to manipulate the given materials to create esthetically pleasing, functional 3D models. Enhance your audio-visual-sensory responses, eye for details & creative writing skills. 


NID DAT Mains BDes coaching classes in Kochi


10 days | NID - BDes | 2nd Phase

Studio test is the 2nd round of admission tests conducted by NID/UID/MIT/SID & design colleges. We coach to focus on visualisation, modeling, creative use of materials, construction techniques, functionality of 3D models, audio-visual-sensory responses, interpersonal skills, eye for details & ideate quickly. 

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