Design Advanced  for

9th, 10th, 11th & pg students

Get a head start on your design career with this intensive 2-year NIFT & NID classroom coaching program in Kochi, designed for students in 9th, 10th, and 11th grades. Our expert tutors will provide a comprehensive roadmap to success in your design school entrance exams.

The first year focuses on building core skills like sketching, observation, and storytelling. In year two, you'll dive deeper into visualization, aptitude development, analyzing past papers, and mock test preparation. Throughout the program, you'll engage in over 100 in-class activities, receiving daily individual feedback to ensure progress. Monthly reports will track your development every step of the way.

Unleash your potential with afdindia's Design Advanced Course!

Our comprehensive Design Weekend course equips you with the essential skills and strategies to excel in the entrance exams of your dream design schools.

  • Material Mastery: Conquer material handling techniques for paper, clay, wire, thermocol, and mixed media. Learn construction methods to bring your 3D models to life. Discover the secrets of aesthetically pleasing design, impressing the jury.

  • Creative Thinking & Problem Solving: Unleash your imagination with brainstorming sessions led by experienced mentors. Develop innovative solutions for product design challenges within a 1-hour timeframe. Learn to think outside the box and showcase your unique design perspective.

  • Compelling Communication: Craft impactful write-ups for each product you create in class. Master the art of storytelling, showcasing your design rationale and thought process. Refine your writing skills to leave a lasting impression on the NIFT evaluators.
  • Bonus: Receive personalized feedback from experienced design professionals. Learn industry-standard practices and presentation techniques. Gain the confidence to showcase your talent and impress potential employers.

Design Advanced
Coaching Classes by afdindia

Design Advanced Coaching content

The program is for 9th, 10th, 11th & pg students preparing to write NIFT, NID & other design schools.

Date:  May 4th

Days: 2nd Saturdays & all Sundays

Format: Hybrid

Fee: ₹84,500+GST

25 Years Offer

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*We admit only 20 students in our classes. Admissions are offered on first come first serve basis.

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Toppers from afdindia Institute

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NID M.Des - AIR 1 (2023)

Bhadra Balu - AIR 1

NID M.Des – 2023

NID B.Des - AIR 1 (2017)

Sreehari S  - AIR 1

NID B.Des - 2017

NID B.Des - AIR 1 (2018)

Arun Job Pynadath - AIR 1

NID B.Des - 2018

NIFT B.Des - AIR 1 (2017)

D. Sakthiswari - AIR 1

NIFT B.Des - 2017

Course content for Design Advanced

Fundamentals in Drawing & Design

Develop skills in design principles,
 isometric/compositions/object drawings figure drawing, & perspective sketching.

1 on 1 sessions with mentors

Explore visualization & design thinking in 3 dimension. Touch & feel different materials & mediums to create 3D models. Students brain storm design & functionality on paper, and replicate in 3D.

Ideation & Brain storming

Students undergo training in their chosen specializations covering design problem solving, visual sensations, , environmental awareness, mental ability, communication, observation & perceptions skills through a range of visual and textual exercises.

Portfolio development

Our training will include test series of sample/predicted question papers. Its is uniquely designed for students to improve their performance with each new test attempted. Assessment & feedbacks are provided, so students can improve on their attempt. This helps students reach 100% confidence by the time of their exam.

Personal statement & essay guidance

Practice with over 10+ years past paper. We create exam environment, to conduct 2 mock tests as part of this course. Download sample questions

Demo Interview Sessions

Our faculty team will conduct demo of personal interview with few volunteers from class. 

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NIFT & NID 2024 Entrance Exam Coaching

afdindia offers a range of coaching options for the NIFT & NID Entrance Exam 2024-2025. Our students outshined others in NIFT & NID exam results in the past 25 years. afdindia is the pioneer in this design test prep classes & continues to uphold its legacy. 

afdindia boasts of esteemed faculty team, consisting of alumni from prestigious institutions like NID, NIFT, IIT & CEPT proficient in various design domains including apparel design, product design, animation & communication. This extensive expertise provides students with a holistic understanding, covering entrance exam preparation, industry requirements & portfolio.

Why Choose afdindia

  • Consistent Highest NIFT Result
  • Over 25 years of Unmatched Experience
  • Faculty comprises NIFT/NID alumni
  • Best-in-Class NIFT Study Materials
  • Versatile Training and Coaching Approach
  • Foster Self-Confidence in Students
  • Superior Infrastructure and Education Facilities
  • Essential Classroom Coaching for Design Development
  • Rapidly Growing Coaching Institute in India