Architecture Regular NATA 2024

NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) is the 1st step towards this glorious career. All students applying to any of the 375 BArch colleges imparting architectural education in India must qualify NATA admission test or JEE2 - Aptitutde Test in Architecture. NATA exam can be taken on all weekends from April to July, 2024.

afdindia conducts the best NATA coaching program. We put you through
rigorous exercises to develop cognitive skills, viusal perception, aesthetic sensitivity, logical reasoning, critical thinking, etc. 

Conquer NATA: Unleash your potential with afdindia's Architecture Regular Program - NATA 2024

This course equips you with the skills needed to be admitted to your dream architecture school.

  • Architectural Awareness: diverse architectural styles, explore landmark buildings, historical progression & master key terms.
  • Aesthetic Sensitivity: problem identification, semantics, metaphors, color psychology, balance, rhythm, proportions & critical thinking.
  • Reasoning Prowess: identify patterns, solve puzzles, decode situations, logical/verbal/inductive reasoning, context & generate conclusions.
  • Construction Know-How: building anatomy, construction techniques, innovation in materials & construction technology.
  • Geometrical Confidence: basic concepts & its association with creative thinking, improve your speed & accuracy.
  • Drawing & Composition: colouring & composing for various situations, visualizing & dipicting a situation.

Architecture Regular Coaching Classes

Architecture Regular Coaching Content

Program for 11th & 12th students appearing for NATA 2024

Date: May 7th

Days: Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri & Sat

Format: Hybrid

Fee: ₹42,000+GST

25 Years Offer

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Course content for NATA JEE2

Understanding Exam Pattern

We provide insights into the exam pattern, marking scheme, syllabus, identify your strengths, weaknesses &  performance. 

Expert Guidance

Experienced faculty members in architecture guide students throughout their preparation, providing valuable insights and tips for excelling in the exam.

Study Material

We provide study material, reference books, and resources curated specifically for NATA preparation, covering all the relevant topics and concepts.

Time Management

NATA is a time-bound exam, we help you learn time management strategies to effectively utilize the allocated time for each section. You walk into the exam with 100% confidence.

Mock Tests & Sample Papers

Practice with over 10+ years past paper. We predict question papers, create exam environment, conduct 5 mock tests as part of this course. Download sample questions

Interactive Sessions

Our faculty team provides interactive sessions, students can ask questions, clarify doubts & engage in discussions related to architecture and design. 

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NATA, NIFT & NID 2024 Entrance Exam Coaching

afdindia offers a range of coaching options for the NATA, NIFT & NID Entrance Exam 2024-2025. Our students outshined others with exam results in the past 25 years. afdindia is the pioneer in this design test prep classes & continues to uphold its legacy. 

afdindia boasts of esteemed faculty team, consisting of alumni from prestigious institutions like NID, NIFT, IIT & CEPT proficient in various design domains including architecture, planning, apparel, product, animation & communication. This extensive expertise provides students with a holistic understanding, covering entrance exam preparation.

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