NID DAT Mains is the final leg of exams for those applying for Bachelors in Design in NID. This exam consists of hands-on exercises, sketching skills, design sensitivity, audio-visual assessment, thematic apperception test. Preparatory classes for NID DAT Mains 2024 (Studio Test) is scheduled in classroom/hybrid format with afdindia tutors. Students can join this coaching classes & avail access to online study materials as soon as you enroll.

  1. Gets you exam ready for phase 2 of any of the design colleges
  2. Practical study materials & exercises that are well researched
  3. Facilitated by senior mentors & practicing design consultants 
  4. Learn ONLY what is required at the quickest time

Unleash your Potential at NID
Ace in DAT Mains 
with afdindia

  • Expert-led sessions: Dive deep into studio test activities like doodling, 3D model making, guided by our NID alumni faculty, with 30+ yrs experience in the selection process.
  • Master Doodling: Hone up your imagination & speculate several possibilities with our doodling exercises.
  • Develop interpersonal skills: Learn to collaborate effectively, working together with your batch-mates to identify challenges, explore solutions, innovate, strategize & co-create outcomes.
  • Tactile Preception: This activity is not only fun & engaging but also promotes snsory awareness, tactile exploration & communication skills.

  • Empathy: Emapthy driven design involves designing products, servies & experiences that address the real needs, desires & challeges the user.

NID - DAT Mains Coaching Classes

NID - DAT Mains Coaching Content

The program is for 2nd round of admission test for UG courses in NID/UID/MIT/SID/ IITs/IISc/IIITs & other design colleges.

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NID B.Des - AIR 2 (2023)

Devak T Binesh - AIR 2
NID B.Des – 2023

NID B.Des - AIR 1 (2018)

Arun Job Pynadath - AIR 1
NID B.Des - 2018

NID B.Des - AIR 1 (2017)

D. Sakthiswari - AIR 1
NID B.Des - 2017

NID B.Des - AIR 1 (2009)

Madhvi Singh - AIR 1
NID B.Des - 2009

Course content for NID DAT Mains - B.Des


The creative process often begins with generating ideas & concepts. Modelling provides a hands-on approach to explore these ideas, allowing you to quickly prototype & visualize their throughs in 3D.

Material Handling

Explore visualization & design thinking in 3 dimension. Touch & feel different materials & mediums to create 3D models. Students brain storm design & functionality on paper, and replicate in 3D.

Visual Thinking in 3D

Students undergo training in design problem solving, ideation, conceptualization, through a range of visual and textual exercises.

Practice with Sample Papers

Our training includes sample & predicted question papers. Improve your performance with each attempt. You will walk into the exam with 100% confidence.

Past Questions & Mock Tests

Practice with 25 years of NID DAT mains question papers. We create exam environment for two mock tests as part of this course.. Download sample questions

Audio Visual Assesments

AV exercises challeges your use of auditory & visual skills to process information & demonstrate understanding. 

Advantage afdindia - Prep classes for NID DAT Mains

afdindia outshine all others in the country with nift entrance exam results. Our student & faculty, community is from across India. We are pioneers in design school test preparatory classes & continues to uphold this legacy. 

afdindia boasts of esteemed faculty team, consisting of alumni from prestigious institutions like NID, NIFT, IIT, and CEPT proficient in various design domains including apparel design, product design, animation & communication. This extensive expertise provides students with a holistic understanding, covering entrance exam preparation, industry requirements, and portfolio development.

Why Choose afdindia

  • Consistent highest NID results
  • Faculty comprises NIFT/NID alumni
  • Best-in-class study materials
  • Promotes self-expression
  • Fosters self-confidence
  • Audio-visual classrooms
  • 25+ years of unmatched experience
  • Oldest design coaching institute in India
  • World class infrastructure & airconditioned facilities