NATA Examination 

NATA ( National Aptitude Test in Architecture ) is an all India exam conducted by the Council of Architecture for admission to the Architecture Degree course. The examination has 3 attempts every year . Students have the flexibility in attempting all the 3 or 1 or 2 as per his discretion. The examinations are conducted in the months of April, June and July

Past Toppers from afdindia

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NID M.Des - AIR 1 (2023)

Bhadra Balu - AIR 1

NID M.Des – 2023

NID B.Des - AIR 1 (2017)

Sreehari S  - AIR 1

NID B.Des - 2017

NID B.Des - AIR 1 (2018)

Arun Job Pynadath - AIR 1

NID B.Des - 2018

NIFT B.Des - AIR 1 (2017)

D. Sakthiswari - AIR 1

NIFT B.Des - 2017

Architecture Fun Facts

The exact origin of Architecture can be placed back to about 10,000 BC

Architecture was once an Olympic sport

B.V Doshi from India is one among the most respected Architects in the world

Hafeez Contractor is the richest Architect in India

There are a total of 1,18,367 registered Architect in India (As per COA)

1 out of every 15,000 person in India is an Architect

About the NATA Exam

The first attempt for NATA is conducted on 6/4/2024. The examination is conducted in 2 sessions . The first session is conducted from 10 am to 1 pm .The second session will be from 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm. The medium of Aptitude test conducted will be in Hindi & English. 

The Duration of the examination is for a period of 3 hours. The Maximum marks are 200. The first one and a half hour of the examination consists of Physical sketching. 

This is a 80 marks test where 3 questions have to be attempted by the candidate. Topics for Part A consists of: 

  • Composition & Color ( 25 marks )
  • Sketching & Composition ( Black & White )( 25 Marks ) 
  • 3D Compositions ( 30 Marks )  
The second one and a half hour consists of theory subjects that is for a total of 120 marks, Topics for Part B Consists of: 
  • Visual reasoning 
  • Logical Deviation 
  • GK Architecture and design 
  • Language interpretation 
  • Design sensitivity 
  • Design thinking 
  • Numerical Ability 

Students are advised to proactively practice memory sketching skills, Object drawing. 2d/3d drawing, Develop observation skills, practice basic mathematics (11th and 12th), critical thinking, english grammar and to create general awareness in Architecture, design, current affairs, knowledge about historical buildings, latest innovation in materials & construction technology along with an understanding of sustainable architecture. Much of the material is available online for practice or you can contact on access to Online material  and classes .

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