since 1999


Around Christmas time of 1999, Ms. Julie James establishes Academy of Fashion & Design in her home town in Kottayam, Kerala. 

Since then afdindia has grown across India, over the past 24 years helping aspirants succeed in getting into their dream, creative careers.

Today, afdindia is the best online ecosystem conducting virtual & hybrid classes, guiding students succeed in design, architecture & fashion entrance exams without distance being a barrier.. 

1999 - 2001, kottayam, kerala

humble beginnings

Launched as a fashion school AFD, attracted students from as far as Mizoram. Soon, Ms. Julie moved on to establishes India’s first coaching classes for the design entrance of her alma mater, NIFT.

2002, nift bangalore

1st afdian in nift

Priyanka Ann Joshi  from Thiruvanthapuram becomes the 1st afdian to secure a seat in NIFT (Bangalore campus). She later on goes on to pursue her higher studies in London College of Fashion. Below is the testimonial of Priyanka from over two decades ago.

2004-2007 in metro cities

workshops for nift/nid 2nd phase

AFD spred its wings to 4 metro cities across India. Ms. Julie traveled twice a year to mentor design aspirants for 10-day contact programs as a supplement to postal study materials. This pic is from 2005, the NIFT Situation Test Workshop held in@ St.Columba's School, Gol Dakhana, Delhi.

2006 November

crash courses

Contact programs for distance learning students were conducted in the months of November & December in 5 cities. Classes launched at the campus of Maharaja's College, in Kochi. This pic is from AFD @ Our Lady of Salvation High School, Dadar, Mumbai.

2007 Chennai

weekend classes

AFD launches physical classes on weekends in 6 cities. Classes takes of @ Loyola College, Nungambakkam, Chennai.

2008 Hyderabad

studio test workshops

Mock studio test batches with students who had cleared the first round of NID entrance test at AFD centres @ Gurgaon & Hyderabad.

2009 delhi

weekend batches

Interactions with faculty during the weekend classes at the Patelnagar centre in Delhi. Classes also launched in Kashmeri Gate & Houz Khas. This Pic is from Laxman Public School, Hauz Khas

2010 gurugram

portfolio workshop

Established centre at golf course road in Gurugram. This Pic is from afd @ Delhi Public School, Sushant Lok

2011 gurugram

mike knowles as guest speaker

Experienced design and architecture experts were invited to talk exclusively with students.

2012 chennai

nift situation test workshop

NIFT graduate faculty - Divya Mam, giving feed back on situation test models to students @ Loyola College, Chennai

2013 bengaluru

student evaluation

afdindia faculties: Julie, Ramya, Abhilash & Pradipta listen as student explains their work @ Indiranagar centre in Bangalore

2014-2015 @ del | mum | blr | kol

1st design college fair

afdindia conducted the 1st design college exhibition in India. It was held in 4 metro cities with large participation from design colleges from across India for students to find the right college for themselves.

2015 chennai

master classes

by academic director at all afdindia centres. This pic is from Chennai centre

2017 kochi

afdindia team

This is the team credited with NID AIR 1 for two consecutive years @ Kochi center

2020 all india

covid times

1st design coaching institute to start online classes during the pandemic. Covid cleared the path for new approches to learning.

2022 kochi

post covid

Slow but steady revival of offline classes. Students trickle back in post covid with afdindia offering the best of both online and offline classes, through hybrid classes.

2023 kochi

happy students

Having put the pandemic behind, students are eager and enthusiastic to be back in the classroom.